"...call my brother..."
Welcome to Borotek Incorporated, a rock and dirt company.
If you need rock or dirt in the greater Borodino area either delivered, moved, reschulped, removed, reshaped, drained or any other crazy stuff you want to do with it - you have found the right place.
Located on the east side of Skaneateles Lake on Nunnery Road,
Borotek specializes in camp road maintenance. Gravel and stone
driveway and roadway installation and repairs. Our equipment
is perfectly sized for work on steep and tight terrain. Call the
office for an appointment to look at what you have going on with
your camp road, camp driveway or any other type of golf cart
or four wheeler path you might need. We can deliver screened or
unscreened topsoil, #1, #2, #3-4 or medium to heavy cobble stone.
#1, #2, heavy limestone or gabion limestone. Stone dust, gravel sand,
bank run gravel, screened bank run gravel and of course, the best
stone road product, crusher run limestone.  Prices are by the cubic
yard plus delivery.
Founded originally in 2000 as BMH Site Services, Brad started out with the Bobcat, dump truck and equipment trailer. The TB250 excavator was added a couple years later. Phil joined the madness in the summer of 2003. By the spring of 2006, the business was incorporated as Borotek, Inc.
Call the office for an appointment today  (315) 673-0799
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